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A Results-Driven Workout for Every Goal

When it comes to fitness, the results are unlimited. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or tone up, a clear training plan can help you achieve the results you want. Here are four different fitness goals with the recommended class to achieve the results you want.

Desired Result:

Weight Loss

Class recommendation: Cycling and Circuit Training

Cycling is a bike-based class that will maximize energy expenditure and raise your heart rate too; this coupled with a circuit training class will ensure that you are targeting muscular endurance as well as aerobic endurance.

Desired Result: Tone Up

Class recommendation: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates

If your aim is to tone up then HIIT will give you an afterburn effect, helping you to continue burning calories even after you finish your workout – this alongside the weighted exercises will help tone your major muscles.

Use Pilates to tone your core – a stronger core will help develop posture and balance between the muscles you are shaping whilst attending the other recommended classes to help you tone up.

Desired Result: Increase Endurance

Class Recommendation: Swimming and Yoga

Swimming is ideal to help boost your endurance levels, plus it complements other group classes. Yoga not only works well with swimming, but on its own, can make the body more mobile and promote balance.

Desired Result: To Build Muscle

Class Recommendation: Boxing

Boxing can develop your strength and speed, but when you combine this upper body workout with a vigorous kickboxing class, it will engage the lower body. This will ensure that you are building muscle from head to toe.

(Credit: Fitness First National Academy Manager, Katherine Benson, and Fitness First Nutrition Manager, Banin Shahine)

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