Allergy Clinic - Thumbay University Hospital

Allergy Clinic

TUH is now introducing a daily Allergy Clinic in the Center of Internal Medicine under the supervision of highly respected and experienced Professor Dr. Salwa Abdel Zaher Mabrouk Ibrahim, Consultant Internal Medicine. The department offers accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for patients complaining of recurrent respiratory manifestations such as breathlessness, cough, running itchy nose, sneezing, infections as sinusitis or/and itchy eyes or skin itchy rash or adverse reactions related to dust, environmental factors, food, drug, insect bite or animals as well as suspected immunological problems.


Services include screening through consultation, skin and blood tests, dietary and drug protocols for food and drug allergy. Available in affordable pricing, the center conducts individual diagnosis of the cause/s of allergy and consequently a personalized management plan of determined causes is structured through an updated immunological basis. Targeted therapies like immunotherapy and biological treatment provide not only traditional symptomatic treatment that have been used for antihistaminic, decongestants, etc.., but also offer curative treatments for conditions ranging from a very common to the very rare, spanning across all ages and encompassing various organ systems.

TUH’s team of specialized doctors in ENT, adult and pediatric pulmonology and dermatology will further offer their expertise in the management plan of the local examination of the affected system, provide more detailed diagnosis and timely intervention-including medical/surgical treatment.

For more details, visit TUH Allergy Clinic to address conditions of allergy and immunology.