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Antenatal Care Package Silver

Antenatal Care and Delivery Packages Ajman UAE

Antenatal Care Package Silver

Price: AED2,499.00

The Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology at Thumbay University Hospital, Ajman is specialized in all kinds of Obstetrics & Gynecology Sevices.

We have a dedicated team with the highest International standard quality care.


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Antenatal Care Package (Up to 30 Weeks)

SL. No Services Included Quantity Net Amount
1 Consultation with Obstetrician Specialist / Consultant 6
2 Obstetric Ultrasound 2
3 Complete Blood Count 2
4 Routine Urine Analysis 2
5 Glucose Tolerance Test ( 2 Specimen) 1
6 Blood Group & RH 1 AED 2499/-
7 VDRL 1
8 HIV 1
9 Hepatitis B surface Antigen ( HbsAg) 1
10 Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies (Anti HCV) 1
11 Anomaly Scan 1
12 CTG 4

Terms & Conditions:

  • The patient has to pay 50% of the package price for Platinum & Gold Packages and the entire package price for Silver Package in advance to the hospital at the time of booking.
  • Package amount is not refundable and will not be adjusted with any other services.
  • 50% of disocunt to any Lab/Radiology investigations, procedures or emergency visits other than mentioned in the package & it will be charged separately.
  • Any previous consultations/investigations will not be adjusted against the package.
  • Eligibility of package would be after the consultation with Gynecologist only.
  • Investigations in this package would be carried out depending on actual requirements only and as prescribed by the Gynecologist.
  • The 1st visit would be included in the package if the package is booked on the same day.
  • In case of unexpected outcome or loss of pregnancy the package amount will be deducted as per the actual cost of services availed.
  • In the case of emergency admission or any other emergency services package price will not be applicable. The treatment, procedure charges need to be paid separately.
  • All consultations will be conducted by prior appointment only.
  • Consultation shall be provided by the available Consultant/Specialist Gynecologist.
  • Patient should carry copy of valid Passport/Visa (Husband & Wife), Marriage Certificate & Emirates ID of the patient for booking of package.
  • The Antenatal chart must be produced whenever the services availed.
  • Package price is applicable as per the prevailing rate on the day of booking.
  • This Package is not applicable for Insurance Patients.
  • In case of cesarean Delivery, Platinum or Gold Package Patients need to pay AED 3000/- extra.
  • Package will cover total 10 Consultations including Follow Up visits.
  • There is additional charges for Twins and Triplets
  • There is additional charges for Vacuum Delivery, Breech Delivery, Forceps Delivery, Painless Delivery & Twins Delivery
  • Terms & Conditions of Promotional Delivery Package will be applicable.


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