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Center for Otorhinolaryngology – ENT

Center for Otorhinolaryngology – ENT-Eare,Nose,Throat

Our Otorhinolaryngology is specialty which deals with Diagnosis, Evaluation and Management of Disorders of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT). We are equipped with major OTs consisting of portable operating Microscopes,Endoscopes and Laryngoscopes etc.

Center for Otorhinolaryngology – ENT-Eare,Nose,Throat Services

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Otology-Treatment of diseases related to Ear
  • Rhinology-Treatment of sinus and nasal disorders
  • Laryngology-Treatment of infections of the throat and larynx
  • Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology that deals with diagnosis and treatment of congenital diseases/ conditions.

We cater Advanced Surgical Management for conditions such as

  • Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Tracheostomy
  • Tympanostomy and Esophagoscopy
  • Nasal Valve Reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Adenoid Biopsy or Adenoidectomy
  • Thyroidectromy
  • Sinus Surgery

1) What is the function of the ear?

Ear is an important sense organ.
It is responsible for two important functions:
Hearing and Balance.


Sound waves are picked up the Auricle, then travel through the ear canal and vibrate the ear drum which in turn make the three small bones in the ear (mallus, Incus and Stapes) to move there by transmitting the sound energy into the Snail shaped organ of hearing know as Cochlea.
Hair cells in Cochlea covert mechanical energy into electrical energy which in turn is then transmitted by the Nerve of hearing into the Brain where it is perceived as sound.


Body maintains Balance through a combination of:

  • Balance organ in the inner ear
  • Visual input
  • Information received from our Joint receptors.

This information is then processed in the Cerebellum and the Cerebral cortex of our Brain to maintain Balance

2) What is Hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a partial or complete loss of hearing.
It may be present at birth(Congenital) or may be Acquired, any time after Birth.
It can be Unilateral (one) ear or can be Bilateral (both ears)
Hearing loss may be conductive, Sensorineural or mixed in nature and may be temporary or permanent.
Hearing loss in children may affect their ability to learn the language and in adults hamper their social interactions.
Hearing loss naturally happens with age due to physiological degeneration and is known as Presbycusis

3) Is it necessary to examine the hearing of Newborns if there are relatives in the family who suffer from hearing loss?

A family History of Hearing Loss indeed puts a Newborn at a higher risk of Hearing loss.
Congenital Hearing loss can be Genetic and the child may inherit it.
Genetic defects may be present at birth or may develop later in life.

Today, children are screened after birth and any Hearing loss is discovered in most cases.

The Newborns with a positive family history should have their Hearing assessment done at birth and be monitored throughout early childhood.


Additional measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital include a unique fever clinic to treat patients with fever and screening them for COVID-19 symptoms, regular and detailed sanitisation protocols, chronic medication refill for patients via a simple phone call, 24-hour drive-through pharmacy service at the hospital premises, temperature monitoring of all patients, visitors and staff, emphasising hand hygiene and wearing masks, hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the hospital, and constant monitoring of staff health.

Steps are also in place to avoid overcrowding at the hospital by encouraging patients to plan their hospital visit with prior appointment only. Once they are at the hospital, patients are attended to quickly. Besides, the hospital operates dedicated lifts for access to and from the maternity ward, as well as dedicated operation theatres for patients requiring C-section.

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