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Dimple Creation

Creating Dimples:

It is possible to surgically create permanent dimples, and the surgical procedure to create dimples is very simple and straightforward when done properly.  The procedure can be performed in the office under nothing more than just local anesthesia.

How is a dimple created surgically?

Dimple creation surgery can simulate this naturally occurring process.  To create a dimple, a small painless incision is made in the inside of your cheek. There is no incision or scar on the outside skin.  A small absorbable suture is passed through the inside of the cheek and catches the undersurface of the skin where the dimple is desired.  When this suture is tied it causes a dimpling in the overlying skin.  At first there is a dimple present even without smiling, but after several days, or sometimes a few weeks, the dimple is only present while smiling or moving the face.  The scarring between the inner skin and muscle will cause a permanent dimple even after the suture is absorbed.

Dimple creation surgery can be done on any type or size cheek, although some cheeks are probably better candidates than others.  You can decide where the dimples will be, or you can have the plastic surgeon decide with you, where, the most optimal place for the dimples should be on your face.

Dimple creation surgery can be done in the clinic with nothing more than local anesthesia.  You will be awake and comfortable during the entire dimple surgery process. The dimple surgery takes about 20 minutes to perform and you can go home right away after the procedure.

Dimple creation surgery is safe and effective, but also potentially reversible.  There are minimal complications with dimple formation aside from a little bit of swelling and bruising. You should be able to resume your normal activities the following day.  You will take antibiotics for only a couple of days after your dimple creation surgery.