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Galls Stones

Galls stones

Galls stones is a very common surgical disease, it affects 1 in every 12 women but also seen in males. The symptoms that is commonly seen in patients variable ranges from pain in the right side of abdomen, indigestion especially fatty meal, burping or even jaundice.
Gallstones are of 3 types most common is cholesterol and other bilirubin and pigmented type. Size of the stone also varies very tiny in few mm to large like ball.
Mostly commonly seen in women, overweight, over 40 and after child birth. The treatment is only surgically remove the gall bladder, the surgery known as cholecytectomy, but due to the new innovation in surgery called laproscopic cholecystectomy it can be done with 3 or 4 small key holes but no pain and early return of daily activity or work.


By Dr. Nadia Saeed Khan (Specialist Surgeon)